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Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.12.2007

I would like to share my happiness! :) The realization of the network protocol is satisfying more and more to our requirements!!!

Only a few days ago, the state of the network engines work has been quite low, but thanks to the energies of Deeptown developers and dear testers ;) this characteristic has been improved and is brought to a satisfactory level. And that's great! At last, after long months of working, you start to feel that "your handwork" is shaping into something quite stable and definite; you even get some confidence in it. And of course the feeling of deep moral content :) And it's always a start. Heading toward the creation of the infractructure of the future network, the writing of the Deeptown's servers and lot's more....

Generally speaking, I would like to congratulate everybody with this special moment? Special thanks to our programer Dmitry Root, without who none of this would ever be done ). As for the network and the project in general.

P.S.: I don't really know why I choose to write about this day (or night) and this moment, there is still much to be done, but much has been done as well. It is hard to imagine those emotions ,I feel at the moment, for those who are not familiar with the art...Some would see this as bragging, some would just see another post...I'am not to judge. I am just so glad. I have waited for this particular moment for over four years. And it has come at last =)