Deeptown Night
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About project

In the 1996 Sergey Lukyanenko has described a virtual world in his book ”The Labyrinth of Reflections”, called Deep. This concept was so close to the reality that its realization became only a question of time. The main concept of the project “Deeptown” is the creation of similar world by using Internet network technologies.

In the beginning of the year 2003 a team of devotee developers started to take shape, whose leader became Sergey Kuznecov – a prototype of the Computer Mage in the Lukyanenko’s books. Sergey, who is an eminently qualified specialist in the field of information technologies, has developed the architecture of the project and purposed the solutions of most difficult technical problems.

During the following year, the team has completed the creation of the technological conception of the project and now is reflecting upon the further steps of the development. Inasmuch as such a huge project is difficult to write for a limited number of volunteers, we have come to the conclusion, that the project should be opened.

Project’s current status

During the development process, our team was confronted by organization problems, and as a result of those, a new conception of the development running was created. Under this conception, the development of the project is divided into several phases. Each phase, for one’s turn, is divided into tasks, which are composed by the developers’ core. Those who wish, once having familiarized themselves with corresponding documentation, can undertake to complete any of listed tasks – the full list is stationed on this webpage.

The entire development team is divided into members, testers, colleagues, developers and the core. Everyone who are supporting our team and bring new ideas can become a member. The testers are selected for the immediate stage of beta-testing. The colleagues – are programmers, designers, PR-managers and everyone else who is somehow involved in the development of Deeptown. The developers – are the programmers, who are planning the program model of either project modules. And finally, the core – they are people, who have created the project and are responsible for its development.

The program model of Deeptown is representing a distensible network of servers, which are generating an independent network, and the client software, which is allowing the user to connect to the network in question. At this moment the project is ready for its first working phase, which will involve all necessary elements for the creation of a Deeptown network which is capable of working. The architecture of the network and software is created, and documentation for all basic modules is written.

Plans for Future

The fast development of the IT-industry is making us to advance as well, and in order to keep up with the technologies, investments are needed. Therefore it was decided that the project will proceed in two directions – development and the search of investments. The development, as before, will be conducted by the programmers’ enthusiasm and desires of creation of a unique virtual world. And at the same time the search for the remunerative investment suggestions.