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Article in ”Komersant”

Published by Евгений Сыромятников on 10.11.2008

In weekly magazine ”The Secret of Company” by Komersant has today published an article with a funny name ”A universe scope”.

It has appeared that there’s nothing funny about the article, since three-dimensional world are, literally, the future of the internet. One question remain though; why the “universal scope”? The answer is simple – Deeptown.

The main theme of the article is about our project. Just Deeptown and nothing else, with its non-standard aim and approach has served as an inspiration for such name. Eugene Syromyatnikov has answered journalists’ questions-

The journalists were interested in everything, but the main concern of the article was the financial plan: what is the cost of the project, its recoupment and other finance related questions. Probably, the reader will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the price estimation of the project is about 17-18 million euro’s and those numbers aren’t made up – this was an estimation made by a bank consultant in 2007.

The article also mentions the main differences between what is to be created and what was written in the book; the registration of companies, mobility and other questions that might concern the future user. The attempt to compare Deeptown with Second Life was stopped immediately: “It is nothing but a game, while Deeptown will become an adequate virtual city” Eugene explains. Soon you can witness it with your own eyes. Drop by, we’ll wait for you.

PS: unfortunately, there is no English version of the original article published. Hopefully, it is coming up soon.

About this blog

Blog: Other
Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.03.2008

Greetings, friends!

So, a blog of Deeptown's developers has now opened.

Many people say that it should have been done for four years ago, just when the project got started. But we have decided that it is better to do this later than never, and we have opened it now.

This blog is meant to let the project's developers to share with the readers their considerations about the future of the project, the ideas, and thoughts about what is happening and is to happen on the IT field. We hope that due to this blog our readers can better understand where the project is heading and what is waiting us in future. In my blog, besides the rest, I will from time to time post memoirs about what has happened to the project during the years of its existence and thus try to fill up the missed time.

So, welcome.

Exercising the rights for a foreword

Blog: Other
Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.12.2007

Well, and here is my first post in this blog.

It is ridiculuos to say, but this, generally speaking, is not only my first post but a first blog. Till recently I wasn't especially concerned about blogs, if not coldly. I don't really know why it turned out to be this way...No, I wasn't blaming blogers for bloging in the way they exist presently. I could not rather really figure out the meaning of having such diaries, despite the fact that the majority of the progressing humanity is giving due to this field of human activity.

...All in all, IAE, I will try to reform this thoughts unworthy of a network user with my own doings. So let's see where the whole thing will end up.

Long live the first post! The most important of all! :)

P.S.: Isn't it quite symbolic that I have posted my first post at project's birthday. As the matter of fact this thought has encouraged me to start this chronicle in which I will try ro describe how this project was born, what developments have been achieved in year 2003 and how this everything got influenced by what we can observe at the present. Who knows, maybe this info will outlive all of us, and later on the greenhorns will compose legends about firts virtual-people =)

Good news

Blog: News
Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.12.2007

I would like to share my happiness! :) The realization of the network protocol is satisfying more and more to our requirements!!!

Only a few days ago, the state of the network engines work has been quite low, but thanks to the energies of Deeptown developers and dear testers ;) this characteristic has been improved and is brought to a satisfactory level. And that's great! At last, after long months of working, you start to feel that "your handwork" is shaping into something quite stable and definite; you even get some confidence in it. And of course the feeling of deep moral content :) And it's always a start. Heading toward the creation of the infractructure of the future network, the writing of the Deeptown's servers and lot's more....

Generally speaking, I would like to congratulate everybody with this special moment? Special thanks to our programer Dmitry Root, without who none of this would ever be done ). As for the network and the project in general.

P.S.: I don't really know why I choose to write about this day (or night) and this moment, there is still much to be done, but much has been done as well. It is hard to imagine those emotions ,I feel at the moment, for those who are not familiar with the art...Some would see this as bragging, some would just see another post...I'am not to judge. I am just so glad. I have waited for this particular moment for over four years. And it has come at last =)

The Aim and the Ideology of the Project

Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.12.2007

Today I would like to tell about the ideology of our project; what are we aiming for and how we see the project in the future. Also I will answer some questions which are asked pretty often by people who are interested in the project.

During the project’s existence, the question of the project’s aim has been discussed frequently. The answer to this question is constantly changing, especially at first. Now the “official” answer to this question is as follows:

The project’s aim is:

  • The technological realization of the project ideas;
  • Projection and designing of the Deeptown’s central part;
  • Creation of a organization for administrative control and development of the project;
  • Technological and administrative project support;
  • Further development of the created world.

However, during the creation of the Deeptown I have realized - and the other developers, I think, will agree – that it is far from the most important. We are creating a virtual world. We are creating an infomedia. The computer, due to its present state is, from my point of view, very advanced in calculating field, but is not at all adapt to a work with a human. Why? I will explain that in following examples:
  • The file system – is, probably, most striking example. The tree-like organization of information is suited for the computer: the tree – is one of fast-access data retrieval algorithms. But is it really convenient for humans? I don’t think so. Certainly, everyone has faced the necessity of finding a certain file. If you at that do not remember the file’s name, the searching will be dragged out. And if you don’t even remember on which of hundred CD’s it resides? The search could take a whole day… There are local solutions for this issue today, but I don't see them being widely adapted.
  • A zoo of processors, architectures and operation systems. A program written for PC will not work on PDA. Interoperability between Windows and Linux is, generally, a problem of a global scale. From the CPU's developers’ of processors, architectures and OS's point of view, both Windows and Linux have advantages and disadvantages in their field of application. But everyone neglected the users, who, generally speaking, should not worry about these issues: one should just be able to work.
  • About the information search. Many, of course, are attracted by a two hours-long mining in “Yandex”, but I prefer to spend this time on something more useful.
  • The information safety. Everyone has probably faced the file loss because of failure in a program, hardware, or, in most cases, because of careless usage of the “Delete” button. Hardware producers refer to statistics, the software developers refer to the “stupidity” of the users. But I think that carelessness is a part of human nature, so computer must become a slave to the human nature, and not vice versa.

There are many examples on this matter but only one conclusion: the current situation is, that the computer doesn't serves to the human, but rather rules him, as far as pathetically it sounds. More precisely, software and hardware tools are created for the convenience of realization but not for the convenience for user.

The project Deeptown aims to change this situation. For the sake of its users, of course. As its main target, I see in particular, a creation of an infomedia designed to serve the user. We see the virtual reality only as a convenient, but not the single way of information accordance. For the realization of this aim we have already developed technologies that will allow to solve the selected problems partially or entirely. I will not focus on these technologies right now – I will write about them in detail later.

Now to the questions from users. Most of all, the users are asking – when could we look at least some kind of a demo-version?

I will make you happy: the waiting is not that long, soon we will have a public testing. But this version will only fulfil the criteria of “some kind of”, because it would not contain anything specific. This testing is needed, mainly, for the developers, not the users: we need to collect some statistics concerning the client program’s capacity of work on different kinds of computer configurations and operative systems, and to test if the server is stable enough for a greater load.

The second question: in what way can we help the project?

The further the development is going on, the more working fields are coming to light. Therefore, we could not accept many willing helpers for a half-year ago, but now we need specialists in most various working fields:

  • Journalists (or how should I call them? I don’t know really…). Many are complaining due to the lack of information about the project, but is only available in the technical documentation. The project needs people who can present the information correctly;
  • The technical writers – people who can write properly and who have a good notion in programming. These will charge for the renewal of the documentation during the development. Now, since the standards of the API kernel and the basic modules have not been “settled”, the documentation must be updated continually;
  • Designers, modellers – of course, to model objects, paint the textures and the materials;
  • C++ programmers. I think, I don’t have to explain why they are needed.

In order to participate, you should contact me immediately. All contacts are available on the web-page’s profile and on the forum.