Deeptown Night
Ru Gb

Project news

Article about us was published.

Published on 01.06.2007

This aticle consists of three pages and was published in the last UPgrade journal.

A Secret

Published on 22.05.2007

Dear visitors, would you like to hear a little secret? Just promise no to give me away, it's still a secret! ;)

The Purpose

Published on 01.04.2007

When I first read The Labyrinth of Reflections, I couldn’t even imagine, what is hiding under its cover. At this time I didn’t knew what the cyber-punk was. But only after some pages I stepped into a wonderful world, which the writer has created.

About the Project

Published on 26.03.2007

In the 1996 Sergey Lukyanenko has described a virtual world in his book ”The Labyrinth of Reflections”, called Deep. This concept was so close to the reality that its realization became only a question of time. The main concept of the project “Deeptown” is the creation of similar world by using Internet network technologies.