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Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.03.2008

Greetings, friends!

So, a blog of Deeptown's developers has now opened.

Many people say that it should have been done for four years ago, just when the project got started. But we have decided that it is better to do this later than never, and we have opened it now.

This blog is meant to let the project's developers to share with the readers their considerations about the future of the project, the ideas, and thoughts about what is happening and is to happen on the IT field. We hope that due to this blog our readers can better understand where the project is heading and what is waiting us in future. In my blog, besides the rest, I will from time to time post memoirs about what has happened to the project during the years of its existence and thus try to fill up the missed time.

So, welcome.

Exercising the rights for a foreword

Blog: Other
Published by Дмитрий Роот on 31.12.2007

Well, and here is my first post in this blog.

It is ridiculuos to say, but this, generally speaking, is not only my first post but a first blog. Till recently I wasn't especially concerned about blogs, if not coldly. I don't really know why it turned out to be this way...No, I wasn't blaming blogers for bloging in the way they exist presently. I could not rather really figure out the meaning of having such diaries, despite the fact that the majority of the progressing humanity is giving due to this field of human activity.

...All in all, IAE, I will try to reform this thoughts unworthy of a network user with my own doings. So let's see where the whole thing will end up.

Long live the first post! The most important of all! :)

P.S.: Isn't it quite symbolic that I have posted my first post at project's birthday. As the matter of fact this thought has encouraged me to start this chronicle in which I will try ro describe how this project was born, what developments have been achieved in year 2003 and how this everything got influenced by what we can observe at the present. Who knows, maybe this info will outlive all of us, and later on the greenhorns will compose legends about firts virtual-people =)