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Virtual World called Deeptown

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During the last decades with the development of the Internet, the creation of the three-dimensional virtual worlds has started, allowing the computer to show information in a more convenient way for the human perception. In many network communities, people are communicating in chats or forums, using nicknames and avatars, while the virtual world can give the user a possibility to communicate in the animated human shape. You get the opportunity to operate with your avatar as in a computer game, and to move around in the virtual world. Such management is common for most people, even those, who don’t have computers, but are buying game consoles. The idea had a success, and on the Internet, projects of the virtual worlds from various creative groups periodically began to appear.

Nothing is so infinite, as human imagination...The imagination pushes the person further, continuously expanding the horizons of her or his knowledge and opportunities.

Writers and film-directors haven’t missed the chance, and as a result of their new creativity in the literature and the cinema, a new genre was created, which has received the name "cyberpunk". In the middle of 90s, celebrated Russian science-fiction writer, Sergey Lukyanenko (the author of”Night patrol "), wrote the books ”Labyrinth of reflections” and ” False mirrors” in which the author has presented his vision of the virtual world. This world was named "Diptaun" (Deeptown) and it shaped a new development of the global network.

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In Lukyanenko’s plot, Deeptown was created as a huge virtual international mega city with the population about 25 million, to which people could connect from their computers. To achieve the full sensation of realism during the connection to Deeptown, a special program made the brain believe that what it saw on the screen was reality. Deeptown gave people the opportunity to live a brighter and more interesting life. Further more - the person received the impression that she has lived not once, but many extraordinary lives, while the real world, certainly, could not give that impression.

Today such a program, which gives the effect of "immersion", is still fiction. However, the numerous scientific research institutes from different countries are researching in this area. As history has proved numerous times: what was the fiction yesterday, is created today, and tomorrow becomes an ordinary thing. Now the development of multimedia technologies allows creating the qualitative and scaling virtual world, capable of becoming a network of the future.

In his books, Lukyanenko hasn’t forgotten about his friends, who have inspired him - programmers, who the author has described as characters (the Computer Magician (Komp’juternyj Mag) and the Maniac (Man’jak)). In reality Sergey Kuznecov (the Computer Magician) lives in Canada, and he is an old follower of the idea of Deeptown. For many years, he closely examined the improvement of computer technologies, and thought of concepts for realization of future Deeptown.

Adherents and enthusiasts of the virtual world described in books by S.Lukjanenko began to find each other in the end of 2002 on unlimited open spaces of the Internet. Sergey Kuznetsov was also a part of this group and, being one of the co-authors of Deeptown, has headed the project. Owing to this merge,”Project Deeptown”has incorporated a set of remarkable and fresh concepts, some of which still have no analogues. S.Lukjanenko has approvingly concerned to the organized group, hoping to make his literary creation real.

The aim of our project is to create a basis of the global virtual world which will keep habitual opportunities of users of the Internet, and also will add new opportunities, more convenient for people. And then the work will be general - to equip and occupy this world. Developers of the project are doing a great effort, so Deeptown would become the world where communication of people through computers is realized at a high level of psychological comfort, also this world gives a chance to creative people to be united and make their ideas and dreams real.

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